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November | 2012 | RumbleChat: Social Media for Food Companies

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Over at RumbleChat HQ, we are fascinated to see how the Angry Birds franchise has expanded beyond the highly addictive app. Rovio, the Finnish creaters of the app, have already partnered up with the kings of the golden arches themselves – McDonalds – to provide Angry Bird games within some of their restaurants in China.

Now they have started selling Angry Birds fizzy drinks in Finland, and soon they will be expanding to Australia and New Zealand. But the biggest news is that they have outsold fizzy pop kings Pepsi and Coca-cola in some of their stores!

So RumbleChatters, do you see the appeal of buying a fizzy drink JUST for the fact that it is associated to a fictitious character, an app, or your Smartphone?

Over at RumbleChat Towers, we believe that all food should be accessible and affordable. That’s why Hugo set up MisterTruffle… Yep that’s right, unashamed plug coming up… please go to www.mistertruffle.com for all your fresh truffle needs!

But having said that, getting your fix of the little fishy beadsĀ  – aka caviar – via a vending machine?! Is that taking things a wee bit far RumbleChatters?! Or are you thinking ‘thank goodness for that, just what I need during a busy Saturday shop!’

Beverly Hills Caviar in LA have now brought actual caviar vending machines to three malls within theĀ  City of Angels. You can spend anything from $4 to $500 for the pleasure!

So, do you think this will take off in our Fair Isle?




Yes, this is as crazy as it looks. Strongbow – the masters of deliciously sweet commercial cider – have taken drinking your favourite tipple one step further with StartCap

Utilising RFID technology, the StartCap can be set up to an antenna and used to trigger anything you connect it to… The technology can get the music playing, turn the lights on (or off!) set off confetti cannons, or turn the tv channel over!

Strongbow’s genius idea can really get the night going. Still in prototype form, but looking to feature around events very soon. Not that we’re supremely lazy, but RumbleChat will definitely be keeping an eye out for it!

What do you think? How would you put it to work for you?

I have just downloaded this fantastic app for my iPhone and I LOVE IT!

Here at RumbleChat Towers we are always on the look out for new apps, gadgets, and techy inventions. Especially if they are food & drink based! We do like a wee tipple of a weekend evening. Come to think of it, we like a wee tipple most evenings… and this gives no shortage of inspiration with 500 drinks recipes (or a whopping 3000 for the iPad) based on your choice of base spirit… The app is FREE, it remembers what you have had in the past and so bases future recommendations on your historical preferences. You can select according to what mood you are in, the weather, the time, what is trending in the world at that moment, or what colour you fancy. Also you can create a shopping list or input what ingredients you have in your larder and it will suggest a selection of inspiring recipe options!

Did I mentioned it is FREE RumbleChatters?!


That’s right people… you can now create your own wardrobe from your Instagram prints! Take a photo of your cat, your favourite piece of architecture, your baby, whatever you like and these guys will produce a beautiful bespoke dress or t-shirt in a variety of different designs for you! Constrvct are online only, and are also the creators of innovative digital fashion line Continuum Fashion.

We just love the way they combine digital media with everyday items. They are fun, a little bit bonkers, but overall faaaabulous darrrling.


Big Kahuna Burger

mmmm…mmmm that is a tasty burger…
Yes indeed, the world wide web is just amazing for foodies everywhere, because ladies and gentlemen, you can search and find your favourite food scenes from your favourite films at the touch of a button. Looky here! It’s the recipe for The Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction! Well, it’s Dave Watts’ take on it, and I think his recipe looks damn fine to me. And I take my burgers seriously…

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.